Aitchison College, Lahore.
April 17, 2022

Getting to Know Aitchison College

Many people still picture Aitchison College as a school reserved for wealthy families with ties of kinship. This has suited the purposes of lazy journalists and writers, but it is an anachronistic interpretation, far from the truth.  While manners, dress and identity remain as strong as ever, the modern Aitchison College educates on a national scale, sharing a remarkable campus and opportunities with boys from all provinces and from different backgrounds. The national benefits of this are obvious and we pride ourselves on playing an important role in Pakistan’s inclusive future.

Within a year, we will open two new senior boarding houses and, shortly afterwards, a new prep or ‘middle school’ boarding house. Aitchison will then offer nine boarding houses for more than 500 boarders aged 5 to 18. Alongside this, we currently offer places for 2,400 dayboys in three schools: Junior, Prep and Senior. Consequently, the College is regularly developing its facilities and is the leading school in Pakistan. Old boys, signaling just how much their alma mater means to them, fund many of these projects. This is important because Aitchison receives no financial support from the government, and nearly all sporting and extracurricular pursuits are offered without charge. What Aitchison currently enjoys has taken 136 years to create. The tuition fees for Aitchison are less or comparable to most private schools that offer very few facilities, space or grounds. We also manage two charity schools within our campus walls for an additional 800 boys and girls. In total, we are educating close to four-thousand young people from nursery to graduation at Aitchison and its campus schools. As a residential school, we also house many families connected to the broad range of employment that maintains our school operation. 

Our commitment to developing boys of all talents, academic, sporting and otherwise, rests on the quality of relationships formed within the student body and between staff and boys. While academic achievement is important, we expect every boy to rise to varied challenges in sports and cocurricular events that promote character and a strong set of personal values.  Aitchison is a highly disciplined school that prepares young men for a modern world.

Information on all facets of our broad program are readily accessible on our website


Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E

Created on: 17-04-2022 14:40