Aitchison College, Lahore.
August 17, 2016


Dear Parents,

Re: Communication

In a large school, it is important to clarify communication channels. Parents need accurate and readily available answers to a variety of enquiries. We are addressing this issue and my letter is aimed at helping this.

  1. General queries including new admissions should be addressed to [email protected]

  2. Academic and pastoral queries regarding your son should be directed to the relevant school: Junior, Prep or Senior. The Headmaster or Headmistress is the best person to discuss confidential or sensitive matters about your son’s progress, or he will direct you to the relevant staff where appropriate. This may be a head of Department or a teacher. Each Head of School has a Personal Assistant who will help you in making appointments. Please bear in mind that we have regular reporting and parent meetings to handle most concerns. Accordingly, we ask that visits to the College be restricted to essential educational business.

  3. Each school now has an Academic Coordinator, who will also be available to help in academic matters. On our Contact Page of the website, you will find all relevant email addresses, but they are listed here for easy reference.

  4. Senior School:

    Headmistress of Senior School: [email protected] (for all pastoral and academic enquiries)

    Senior Academic Coordinator: [email protected]

    A Level Coordinator: All enquiries regarding university counseling should be directed to Dr Naila Burney: [email protected]


  5. Prep School

    Prep School Headmaster: [email protected] (for all pastoral and academic enquiries)

    Prep Cambridge Coordinator: [email protected]

  6. Junior School

    Junior School Headmaster: [email protected] (for all pastoral and academic enquiries)

    Junior Cambridge Coordinator: (To be appointed from the start of term)

  7. Examination and related questions should be addressed to [email protected]

  8. All IT related questions including parents portal should be addressed to [email protected]

  9. Sporting queries should be directed to the relevant school, but the Games Master is also available and is the best contact for House sport, School sport, and Sporting Academies. Games Master: [email protected]

  10. All business related matters and school account queries should be directed to the College Bursar, Mr. Noon. Bursar: [email protected]

  11. Boarding queries or concerns should be directed to the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress, or the Head of School if it is academically related. However, please understand that boarding is very busy with set routines such as meals, prep and sleep. These should not be disturbed by casual calls. There are ample set times when boys may receive or make calls home, and staff will call parents on a regular basis. Boarders may receive visitors once a month on the Sunday of the last weekend. Visitors will meet boarders in the ‘Old Building’ where tea and refreshments will be available. Visitors are not to enter boarding houses or dorms.

  12. Security and related questions including queries on Car stickers should be addressed to [email protected].

  13. The Principal’s Office is managed by the Principal’s PA. All appointments need to be made through this channel. I am available on email: [email protected] and I normally respond quickly. While I am always happy to meet parents, please understand that initial approaches to the relevant school in the case of school performance is essential and helpful.


Kind regards,

Michael Thomson M.A., Dip. Ed., M.A.C.E